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An important step in the exercise was to ensure a basic similarity of attractions (sites) in Singapore to Bangkok to assist site and city comparisons. The attractions identified in Table 3 are compared on relevant parameters to ensure, firstly, the relevance of the sites to the study and, secondly, to link the attractions. The sites all met specific criteria such as being easily accessible to ensure higher chances of tourist visitation. The sites also represented different ownership/guardianship patterns in order to study the stakeholder responses. Five parameters were identified to establish the comparability of the visitor attractions in Bangkok and Singapore. One attraction for each type of activity was identified at every location. The five parameters of site comparability are outlined below.

Within the city (municipal) limits

Accessible by public transport

Comparable in scope of operations

Opportunity to collect data within the ethics approval guidelines

Comparable in ownership/guardianship.


Choosing eleven sites in each location meets the theme of sufficient numbers for this kind of work (Pearce, 2008), fulfils the criteria of being comprehensive Veal (2006), and covers a range of attraction types (Swarbrooke, 2002). The final selection of sites (attractions) in Table 3 was viewed as appropriate to achieve the objectives of the research to study vandalism by visitors at tropical tourism destinations, link the setting characteristics to the indicators of damage and explore the applicability of Western constructs of vandalism and control to these Asian settings.


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